Country Club Spa and Wellness Centre
Sopiazes, 4 - Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy
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Country Club Spa and Wellness Centre

Wellness Course

Our well-defined circuit allows guests to discover the special benefits of our saunas, designed for optimal purification of body and skin.

BIO SAUNA. A delicate sauna with essence of hay from the high mountain, which helps to relax body and mind.

TURKISH BATH. A steam bath with ancient origins, which promotes blood circulation and purification of the skin. It has a relaxing effect and helps to reduce stress.

FINISH SAUNA with AUFGUSS (aromatic steam flows).
A sauna at high temperature which promotes intense sweating and muscle relaxation. Particularly suitable for athletes. It also accelerates the metabolism, increases the heart rate and has a positive effect on the respiratory system. Every afternoon, guests can take part in the Aufguss ritual, a practice that provokes a sudden increase in the perceived temperature with the use of essential oils and steam distributed by a Master of the Sauna through the movement of a cloth.

Next follows a COOLING DOWN phase with cold showers and immersion in the cold-water tub, or in winter, a course through the snow.

JACUZZI. Immerse yourself in our outdoor hot tub for a relaxing soak and let your body be massaged by air bubbles, which helps to alleviate joint pain and has a relaxing effect on your muscle and nervous system.

INFRARED LAMP. Aids the relief of backpain. The heat promotes blood flow, while the infrared light penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating circulation.

WINTER GARDEN. New this season: an oasis of relaxation in the garden where guests can unwind and share an afternoon snack seated in a heated wooden hut, immersed in nature.

RELAXATION ROOM. Relax in comfortable deckchairs by the heat of the wood stove, with panoramic windows to the garden

BAR. In our small bar we provide fruit juices, teas, fresh fruit and evening snacks.

SOLARIUM. On sunny days enjoy our sun terrace for a natural tan.


Relax room